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A home away from home - our volunteer experience!

During our travels through South America, we, Chris and Eva, often asked ourselves how we could get involved in a country, a culture and an activity, far away from the fast-moving tourism.

When we first spoke to Daisy, it was immediately clear to us that we would like to support Surf Cerrito and the surrounding area for several weeks. We never thought how good this decision would be!

Now we have been here for almost two months and the idea of saying goodbye soon is not easy. In Huanchaco we have found something like a Peruvian home: we buy fresh bread from Malik on sundays marked, borrow our surfboards from Tito, enjoying great music nights at the Wasi Restaurant and eat the best arepas at Sofia's in the evening.

But what definitely made our time in northern Peru unique was the deep insight into the nearby village of Cerrito de la Virgin. We danced at Brittany and Fabrizio's baptism, raised the Peruvian flag for Independence Day and ate the really real cerviche. We are touched by how warmly and honestly we have been welcomed here.

Our big highlight of this time is definitely [SURPRISE] the wonderful time at Surf Cerrito. It was absolutely wild, colourful and full of love and chaos. We never expected to find such a beautiful task on our journey through South America, where we could get creative, active and silly ourselves. We didn't just improve our Spanish in the two months, but We have also learned how exhausting, important and beautiful the work in an NGO is and we want to take these formative experiences from Peru back to Germany with us. Therefore, we are not saying goodbye, as this will not be a farewell. We will continue to support Surf Cerrito, no matter from which part of the world, and we will definitely come back.

But what we would like to say is THANK YOU! Thank you to Mhairi and Daisy, for all the great conversations and the great opportunity to be part of Surf Cerrito. A thousand thanks also to Ines, Fanny, Sarah and Britney for their creative collaboration, our hilarious private surf sessions and the exciting excursions in the surrounding area and of course the generous wine nights. Thank you to all the kids in the Surf Cerrito family for their patience with us and our spanish and the trust in us - you're going to rock this world!

Very special thanks to Brayan! Thank you for working every day to give a voice to the children and families of Cerrito de la Virgin. Thank you for trusting in us and being open to our ideas. Thank you for not being afraid to let us into your life and for opening your heart to us.

We will definitely see each other again!

Chris and Eva

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