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Join the Surf Cerrito family and our mission in empowering the young people of Cerrito de la Virgen surfing in the World Surf Reserve Huanchaco.

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Donations are vital to keeping our organisation going. Whether its wetsuits, surfboards, wax or money it all helps us get the kids of Cerrito out on the water!

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Clothing Store

Check out our clothing store to get some Surf Cerrito stash with 100% of profits going to our projects

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We wouldn't be able to do what we do without our amazing volunteers.  We are always looking for motivated, enthusiastic and hardworking individuals to join our team and have a variety of roles that look for a wide range of skills.  We welcome volunteers both in person and online, so even if you can't make it to Peru, you can still be part of the Surf Cerrito team and support our mission. It is not essential that our volunteers in Peru already know how to surf, but a basic understanding of the sea, ability to swim and the willingness to get into the water is important.  Fluent Spanish is also not essential, however a basic command of the language is desirable to be able to communicate with the kids.  Check out our role descriptions below.

Surf Cerrito Team Roles

Project Coordinator

The Project Coordinator is responsible for making sure that we are doing the best work that we can do as an organisation.  Overseeing lessons, organising volunteers and leading meetings are all essential responsibilities of the role, as well as a positive attitude to get involved with as much as possible.  Here are some of the main requirements of being a Project Coordinator: Enthusiastic and motivated: - Willingness to always get in the water with the kids - Motivation to improve our relationship and impact with the community Organised: - Monthly and weekly lesson planning - Organising volunteers during and prior to the lessons - Ensure all kit is ready and in good condition before each lesson Communicative: - Ability to communicate confidently verbally in Spanish with team members and the kids - Assist in communication between all members of the team, taking an active role in the weekly meetings Belief in our mission: - Complete belief in the power of the connection between the ocean, surfing and nature - Keen to learn more about surf therapy and apply this knowledge to lessons Creativity and resilience: - Contribution of new ideas to the team including: activities, exercises and improvements to lesson content - Ability to adapt to changes in plans and being put outside of comfort zone Respect: - Desire to experience and understand different ways of life - Motivation to share knowledge and experiences with people living in Cerrito Good leader: - Able to confidently take charge of volunteers and students within lessons (in the presence of a manager)

Activities Coordinator

The Activities Coordinator is responsible for just about the most important thing - that we all have fun! This requires great communication with the team and the young people to ensure that everyone is enjoying themselves while making any improvements if necessary. A constant monitoring and evaluation of the surf lessons is essential to ensure that we are doing the best work we can, as well as organised planning of the structure of the lessons. Here are some of requirements of being a Activities Coordinator: Fun: - Bring fun, positive energy to each lesson - Always make sure the kids are having a good time in and out of the water Creative: - Come up with two fun team-building activities for each surf lesson and ideas for different warm ups and cool downs - Bring new ways to encourage the young people to talk about their mental health - Introduce new activities for the young people, other than surfing Organised: - Have all lessons planned well in advance - Organise the roles of volunteers within lessons for each activity - Present the lesson plan at the volunteer meeting before each lesson Communicative: - Communicate ideas for new activities with the team and the children - Work with the young people and team members to monitor and evaluate the success of our work Sensitive: - Reflect on the content of each lesson and feedback in meetings of any potential improvements - Encourage the young people to communicate their opinions on the content of the classes and report back to the team

Marketing Coordinator

The Marketing Coordinator is responsible for spreading the Surf Cerrito mission far and wide and increasing our network of supporters and ambassadors. The Marketing Coordinator must have a good command of social media to have the greatest influence. Main objectives of the marketing team are to recruit volunteers and increase funding. Here is what we look for in a Marketing Coordinator: Tech-savvy: - Good command of social media - Understanding of how to take advantage of social media trends to grow our audience Creative: - Create aesthetically captivating designs for social media - Generate new ideas for marketing campaigns and volunteer outreach - Work with different mediums to produce diverse content Organised: - Organise weekly marketing meetings and marketing campaigns - Create and follow the social media calendar Respect: - Ensure that all participants feel safe and happy with the content that is created - Ensure safeguarding rules are followed when dealing with young people - Respect people’s privacy and follow ethical guidelines when approaching content creation Communicative: - Create connections with organisations and individuals that have similar values and missions to us

Fundraising Coordinator

The Fundraising Coordinator is the powerhouse behind making Surf Cerrito happen! Coming up with new ideas of how to raise money to fund our projects and organising and communicating with groups and individuals in Peru or internationally to believe in the mission and raise funds to help us reach our visions are all part of being Surf Cerrito’s Fundraising Coordinator. Check out a bit more of what we look for in a Fundraising Coordinator: Creative: - Come up with new fundraising initiatives - Organise at least one fundraising event (online or in-situ) during your volunteer stay Organised: - Ensure any fundraising campaigns are well planned and organised - Keep all fundraising finances organised and up to date on google sheets - Search for potential grants or sponsorship opportunities that might be available to Surf Cerrito Communicative: - Communicate with local businesses and international partners about fundraising and sponsorship oppurtunities - Clearly communicate with partners about fundraising ideas

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for making sure there are always good vibes in the Surf Cerrito team and to ensure that the team is having the best time possible. The Volunteer Coordinator is also responsible for assisting in recruiting and communicating with potential volunteers as well as organising the arrival and departure of any team members. Here is what we look for in a Volunteer Coordinator: Organised: - Be aware of the dates of arrival and departure of all volunteers - Respond quickly to emails and any communications from applicants - Ensure all team members are aware of key dates and timings Communicative: - Communicate any volunteer issues with managers - Ensure all volunteers are safe and happy Fun: - Organise fun events and trips for our volunteers - Keep the good vibes flowing within the team Familiarity with social media and marketing: - Assist in searching for new volunteers - Communicate with potential volunteers through social media

Other Roles

We are always on the look out for people to join our team. If you are believe you have skills that may be applicable please do get in contact. A rough idea of the skills we are looking out for are: - Content creators, Photographers and Videographers - Women Empowerment Leads - Financial Leads - Environment Leads - Qualified Surf Instructors - Lifeguards - Swimming Instructors - Wood workers and DIY experts

Interested in sponsoring us?

We are always needing more surf kit and looking to work with awesome brands and groups of people.  Please get in contact with us below if you are keen to support the work we are doing, we are open to any new ideas and are always stoked to chat with people that share our love of the ocean, surfing and spreading joy!

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